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Public Service Reform

The Government has delivered better schools, hospitals and policing and other services in the last decade, thanks to sustained investment and reforms to the way services work. In the forthcoming years this reform will need to accelerate because communities will have new needs following the recession, people will continue to want more tailored services and money will be much tighter.

Services will only further improve while driving down costs by releasing the insights, energy and motivation of those who use services and professionals on the front-line. At the same time, central government will need to continue to provide strategic leadership, particularly establishing the right national frameworks for promoting high standards and equity and for delivering greater value for money.

The Government’s recent strategy to take the UK from recession to recovery - Building Britain’s Future [External website] – sets out plans for building the next generation of public services. This sets out how the Government will accelerate measures to empower citizens who use services, such as through stronger entitlements to high quality health, education and policing services.

The strategy builds on a framework for improving services published in 2008 Excellence and Fairness: achieving world class public services [PDF], and measures for reforming particular services, set out in Working Together - Public Services On Your Side [External website].

The Public Service Unit in the Cabinet Office is responsible for developing this overall strategy for reforming public services and embedding it through workforce and service innovation. In particular, we lead on:

Public Services Strategy 
Promoting and developing the Government’s overall framework for improving public services.

Accelerating the pace of public service reform by encouraging and enabling those involved to identify, learn from and implement the practical innovations which will underpin the next generation of public services.

Public Services Workforce Reform
The Public Service Workforce Reform Team recognises that world-class public services can only be delivered by a workforce that is engaged and motivated, and has the right set of skills.  We work in partnership with public service employers and trade unions to support the workforce in delivering the public services of tomorrow.  Click on the link to find out more about what we do.

Service Transformation
Embedding a systematic approach to the transformation of services and improving delivery capability across the public sector.

The Cabinet Office also has responsibility for: