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Tristan da Cunha (British Overseas territory)

Flag of Tristan da Cunha (Dependency of St Helena)

Last reviewed - 16 July 2009

Country information

Tristan da Cunha


Country Facts

Status: Dependency of St Helena
Area: 98 sq km
Population: 275
Capital City: Edinburgh Of The Seven Seas
Languages: English
Religion: Christian
Currency: Pound Sterling
Governor: Mr Andrew Gurr (resides in St Helena)
Administrator: David Morley. The Chief Islander, Mr Conrad Glass, acts as Administrator in his absence.


Travel Advice: Tristan da Cunha

There is no airport. Fishing vessels, currently operated by Ovenstone Agencies in Cape Town, carry passengers, cargo and mail to and from the Island 9 times a year. The South African Antarctic Research Vessel, SA Agulhas visits in September each year. Except for the Agulhas, which carries helicopters, all passengers have to be landed by boat and weather conditions can sometimes make this difficult.

Visits to the Gough Island World Heritage Site and other islands in the group require the express permission of the Administrator.

You will need the prior permission of the Island Council to land on Tristan. You should apply to the Administrator for this permission, which is normally granted. You must have a confirmed and fully paid return passage; comprehensive travel and medical insurance that covers the cost of medical treatment and evacuation to Cape Town; and sufficient funds to cover the cost of your visit. A small landing fee is payable on arrival at the Island. Further details can be found at

Once permission has been granted, you should contact Ovenstone Agencies in Cape Town to book a place on their vessels:

Tel +27 21 4216177
Fax +27 21 4198678
Contact: Dorrien Venn

Mobile (Cape Town ) 824587717

Country information

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