EU Protected Food Names Scheme: Beacon Fell traditional Lancashire cheese

Regulation (EEC) No 2081/92 - Application for Registration Article 17

Protected Designation of OriginProtected Designation of Origin
National application No: 02013 - Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese
1. Competent service of the Member State:

Name: United Kingdom - Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Tel: 020 7238 6687

Fax: 020 7328 5728

2. Applicant group:

a) Name: The Lancashire Cheesemakers Association

b) Address: Sandbank Farm, Ashley Lane

c) Composition: producer/processor (18)

3. Name of product:

Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese

4. Type of product (see list in Annex VI):

Cheese Class 1.3

5. Specification - Summary of requirement under Article 4(2)):
a) Name:

Beacon Fell Traditional Lancashire Cheese

b) Description of Product:

Traditional cylindrical shaped smooth firm cheese made from full fat cows milk.

c) Geographical area:

The Fylde area of Lancashire. North of the River Ribble and including the Preston and Blackpool district of Lancashire

d) Proof of origin:

The cheese is made in the designated area with milk from the area. It has been made to the same traditional recipe since at least the 19th Century

e) Method of production:

Following the addition of starter culture and rennet, the curds are cut. After pitching, the curd is allowed to settle and the whey drained off. The curd is lightly pressed; broken and drained until dry. The original curd is then finely milled, during which new curd is added. It is then mixed and salted. The cheeses are pressed lightly for 2 days, bandaged, waxed or buttered and left to mature. The cheese is sold from 1 month old onwards, but reaches full maturity at 6 months

f) Link

The lush grazing pasture attributable to the moderate climate and high rainfall including the sandstone bedrock resulting in soft water, contributes to the buttery texture of the cheese. Traditional methods and skills of the area are used in the production of the cheese

g) Inspection bodies:

Product Authentication International Ltd

Address: Rowland House, 65 High Street, Worthing, West Sussex, BN11 1DN.

Tel: 01903 237799

Fax: 01903 204445

h) Labelling:


i) National requirements (if any):
EC No:

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