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Facilitator and Project Manager Guide

Facilitator and Project Manager Guide

This product is available to download and print as an individual item.

It is not part of The Productive Leader Box Set but can be ordered in hard copy by NHS executive teams only through the catalogue.

The Facilitator and Project Manager guide contains all the information you will need to successfully implement The Productive Leader, initially within your executive team and then throughout your organisation.

The sections within this guide mirror The Productive Leader facilitated modules, which are:

  • Leadership Team Coaching
  •  Email Management 
  • Workload Management  
  • Meetings Management
  • Sustaining Improvement
As a facilitator and project manager for The Productive Leader we recommend you read the Executive Leader Guide which provides more detailed information about the programme, its organisational requirements and commitments. It also provides an outline of the executive sponsor role.

This document is only available to staff of NHS England who are registered users of this website.

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