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Audiology Improvement Programme Pilot Site Launch

In July 2009, as part of the Department of Health (DH) National Audiology Programme, NHS Improvement announced a programme of work to recruit and work with 15 pilot sites across England to identify and share innovative ways to improve the quality of the patient experience, increase productivity and sustain improvements.

Following the request for ‘Expressions of Interest,’ the NHS Improvement Audiology Team received 57 applications to participate in the programme from across the country. NHS Improvement and the DH National Audiology Programme would like thank all the sites for the fantastic response and for taking the time to complete the application form and for sharing the details of their work.

The quality of applications was extremely high and it was necessary to apply a number of strict criteria in selecting the successful sites, including a strong focus on achieving measurable outcomes within the March 2010 timescale, but also to ensure a good representation across the five project areas and a spread of sites across SHAs.

NHS Improvement and the Department of Health have pleasure in announcing that due to the excellent response to the programme 18 pilot sites projects have been selected. A collaborative approach will be used, allowing project teams to network and share best practice. The aim will be to support local ownership by clinical teams and to ensure sustainability and to spread good practice. Click HERE to see a list of the successful sites.

The pilot sites have been selected from across the whole pathway from primary care to specialist centres. Each site will receive support from a National Improvement Lead and access to clinical and peer support from the DH National Audiology Programme Team.

Each selected Audiology Improvement pilot site, will receive support until the end of March 2010 and will be invited to a series of workshops to assist teams to develop their project work, share issues and challenges and network. Key learning and outcomes from the pilot projects will be shared here on this website and via an Improvement Guide which will be published at the end of the programme.

The first Pilot Sites Workshop took place in London on 30th September. Click HERE to see the presentations from the day.

If you are not a pilot site, but would like to share your work nationally?

In order to capture the high level of enthusiasm for improving Audiology services evident from the response received to this programme there will be a number of opportunities for sites not involved in the pilot site programme to contribute to the DH National Audiology Programme. Many providers are working with their local Audiology communities and commissioners to develop and sustain care pathways. We would like to invite providers to share their achievements and more importantly the lessons learnt.

These examples, publications and improvement stories will appear here on this website and in other publications. If you would like to share a service improvement with audiology colleagues, or have a useful document that you would like to share please contact the NHS Improvement Audiology team.

For more information on sharing learning from your project contact Alyson Banks-Davies, email:

Who are we? - NHS Improvement

NHS Improvement is a national improvement programme working with clinical networks and NHS organisations to transform deliver and sustain improvements across the entire pathway of care in cancer, cardiac, diagnostics and stroke services. Formed in April 2008 after a national review, NHS Improvement has brought together over eight years practical service improvement experience from the Cancer Services Collaborative 'Improvement Partnership', Diagnostics Service Improvement Programme, and the NHS Heart Improvement Programme; the longest running Improvement programmes within the NHS.

Audiology and NHS Improvement

The Audiology NHS Improvement Team has concluded its first year working as part of the Department of Health Transforming Audiology Services (TAS) programme led by Professor Sue Hill, Chief Scientific Officer. The NHS Improvement Audiology Team was formed in July 2008 with a brief to offer support and expertise to identified challenged Audiology sites.

Led by Julie Harries, the National Improvement Leads worked with a number of NHS Audiology teams in 12 challenged Trusts across the county. Results have seen waiting time reductions and a streamlining of testing and fitting services for adults & children, whilst ensuring maximum efficiency within systems through the use of service improvement tools and techniques.

For a summary report on work on challenged sites click HERE.

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The Audiology Improvement Programme is also supported by a regular eBulletin which aims to keep subscribers up to date with news and information from the Pilot Sites and from the Department of Health. Details of relevant national events and other useful information sources will also be included. For further information on the Audiology Improvement Programme contact: Alyson Banks-Davies on

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NHS Improvement Audiology - the story so far..

Since July 2008 the NHS Improvement Audiology Team, working in partnership with the Department of Health National Audiology Programme, has been supporting a programme of service improvement, working with challenged sites. Using proven improvement methods, such as Lean methodology, this work has resulted in reduced waiting times, streamlined patient pathways and improvements to the quality of experiences for both patients and staff. For a summary report on work with challenges sites click here Ongoing work with challenged sites continues under Transforming Audiology Services (TAS) led by Lesley Burn with some support from the NHS Improvement Audiology Team. Lesley is currently coordinating a series of SHA Learning Events. Click HERE for more information and dates in your area.