The journey so far

In September, Dr Robert Lloyd started us off on our six month journey to apply the science of improvement to commissioning.

This site will be updated over the next six months to create a rich reference source for you and your team.

After each session we will post a summary of the day on this page.

The tools and templates page will contain copies of the worksheet templates used in the workshops as well as other practical tools that will help you in applying the science of improvement.

Reading material will provide more in-depth information on the topics covered in the workshops.


Workshop summaries

A summary of the September 08 workshop (A summary of the September workshop 31.50 KB)

A summary of the January 09 workshop (A summary of the January 09 workshop 26.83 KB)

 A summary of the March 09 workshop (A summary of the March 09 workshop 32.18 KB)


January handouts

The quality framework overview (The quality framework overview 87.55 KB)

Handouts (Handouts 5.08 MB)


March handouts

 Applying the science of improvement (Applying the science of improvement 642 KB)

 The quality improvement toolbox (The quality improvement toolbox 148 KB)

 Academy for large scale change (Large Scale Change 562 KB)

 International examples of large scale change (International examples of large scale change 1.51 MB)

 Developing stories to spark action (Developing stories to spark action 966 KB)

 Transforming healthcare (Transforming Healthcare 782.38 KB)

 Spread and adoption (Spread and adoption 1.85 MB)

 What do we do to get better results? (What do we do to get better results? 96.35 KB)

 Wicked problems (Wicked problems 549 KB)

 Learning from others (Learning from others 1.88 MB)

 Difficult conversations and groupthink (Difficult conversations and groupthink 1.37 MB)