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The Productive Ward Modules Box Set

The Productive Ward Modules Box Set

There are 15 modules that create a Productive Ward.

The modules are designed to provide a no nonsense structure for implementing the Productive Ward.

Please note that orders for up to 5 box sets will receive one Executive Leaderís Guide and one Project Leaderís Guide, (which may arrive in a separate package to your box set). Orders of up to 10 box sets will receive 2 Executive Leaderís Guides and 2 Project Leaderís Guides. These Guides are essential for those individuals within your organisation whose role it will be to provide senior leadership support for/and manage the successful implementation of The Productive Ward.

Box sets comprising the 13 ward modules along with the Executive Leaderís Guide and the Project Leaderís Guide are available at no cost to trusts in NHS England. Currently up to ten box sets can be ordered per trust.

You may also print the individual modules using the hyperlinks below. For best results, set your printer to print landscape and ensure that your printer will print all pages.

For enquiries (including ordering additional sets of modules) contact us on 08453 008 027 or email

Module downloads (for printing only):

Executive Leaderís Guide

Project Leaderís Guide

Ward Leaderís Guide

Knowing How we are Doing
Well Organised Ward
Patient Status at a Glance
Admission and Planned Discharge
Shift Handovers
Patient Hygiene
Nursing Procedures
Patient Observations
Ward Rounds

We have also included links to the resources.



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