The Productive Ward - Profiles from Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust

We recently visited Ashford and St. Peter's Hospitals NHS Trust, one of the Productive Ward Learning Partner sites, to speak with staff about their experiences of Productive Ward.  Click on the name or photo for the full profile.

astptracyockwell.jpg"We try to wear our own clothes and not be in uniform when we're doing Productive Ward modules, which has worked as an effective barrier and stopped people dragging us off to do other work."
Tracy Ockwell, sister


astpruthlallmahomed.jpg"The module handbooks are very useful and excellent guides, although at first we found them a bit daunting; but once you start to do the practical activities it all comes alive and makes sense."
Ruth Lallmahomed, associate director of nursing


astpterrihess.jpg“It has been wonderful to see the team bonding through the various activities - process mapping, activity follows, video watching etc, and for their suggestions and ideas to be acted upon, and not lost in the ether as they may have been before Productive Ward."
Teresa Hess, matron, surgery


astpsamknipe.jpg"I think personally I am spending more time with my patients, and the ward seems calmer.  My advice to anyone starting Productive Ward would be, go at it with an open mind, and you'll get so much out of it."
Sam Knipe, deputy sister


astpoliviaquinn.jpg"It has been hard work, trying to get everything organised and in the right place and to stick to it. But we have saved time, especially now the ward cupboards are stocked up and people are taking pride in keeping them tidy."
Olivia Quinn, staff nurse