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In this section you will find all our previous editions of In View. Each article (apart from the HBR syndicated article, which we cannot store online *) is referenced and searchable against the themes. We have covered a wide range of subjects, drawing on contributors from the NHS, other health systems and the private and not for profit sectors. Contributors have included leading thinkers interviewed exclusively for In View, and NHS leaders sharing their experience of some of the development opportunities on offer to them through the Institute. There is also a range of background reading to some of the tools and techniques we have developed, including a wealth of reading material supporting our work on whole board development. If you cannot find what you are looking for please email us at

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The theme of our current issue is the importance of a positive long-term outlook as well as ensuring culture and style don't overshadow content and commitment. Our main feature is an interview with Steve Radcliffe who is one of Europe's most successful leadership coaches. He talked to Des Dearlove about his ideas on leadership and how they apply to the NHS, as well as discussing the reasons behind the publication of his two new books. In the current economic climate it may be difficult to retain a positive approach but Sir Michael West, Executive Dean at Aston Business School, Birmingham, stresses the important impact positive emotions can have in the workplace, creating organisational citizenship, with people willing to help each other. The Audit Commission's managing director for health, Andy McKeon, offers more practical advice on ways to stay financially efficient in these tough times. And Martin Samuels and Gary Lucking describe how the current Commissioning Development programme run by the NHS Institute is helping support PCTs in their objective to reduce health inequalities and improve productivity. Steve Coomber discusses and reviews the book From Hippos to Gazelles: How Leaders Create Leaders, which concentrates on managing change successfully by incorporating an open approach. This issue the country in focus is Venezuela. We take a look at how Hugo Chavez uses television to launch healthcare policies, the nature of their system and any reforms. And we find out how to win friends and influence people with Dale Carnegie.

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Mark H Moore discusses the concepts of public value, citizenship and the role of public sector managers. Find out more...

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Coaching and the future

Coaching and the future, a special supplement to the April issue of In View explores the current role of coaching in the NHS and how it is proving to be of great benefit to leaders and their organisations.

Evaluation of coaching in the NHS

The Institute for Employment Studies (IES) carried out an evaluation of coaching in the NHS looking at external coaching offered to newly appointed executives and the development of the internal register. The full evaluation is available online as well as information on the NHS Institute's coaching programme.


Leadership issues for finance

Innovation for the 21st century

The future of leadership