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There is opportunity for NHS staff to gain much from the knowledge of private sector innovations. This technological and systemic knowledge must be developed to a greater or lesser extent for all staff, particularly those charged with commissioning future armchair involvement tools.

RecommendationsWe recommend that a reciprocal learning forum be set up in order to exchange valuable knowledge between health and technology sectors. This should be linked into the central point for sharing mentioned above.

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Sharing best practice - Introducing the NHS Resource Centre free interactive service from Microsoft
written by Carla Mulvaney , January 09, 2009
In an increasingly demanding healthcare environment, having the right technology to do your job is important but having a support network to help you maximize its effectiveness is an even bigger advantage.

The NHS Resource Centre from Microsoft is an online and interactive service for the NHS that provides essential resources to improve the delivery of healthcare and the ability to collaborate with a community of 30,000 members from trusts and NHS partners.

In this interview, Director of Microsoft UK Healthcare John Coulthard, explains the features of the NHS Resource Centre - including online training and information sharing - and how it can benefit NHS staff at all levels.

To view, click: http://www.healthexec.tv/cgi-b...pre&id=554

Let us know if you're doing something exciting that you would like to showcase as a case study on the channel.

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Also universities
written by Rod , May 31, 2008
Although the private sector may have a lot to offer, you should not forget your local university who may well be using a range of tools already.
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