Top talent

The aim of the top talent programme will be to identify the most talented black and minority ethnic managers in the NHS and through a series of development activities help them to function effectively at director level. The flow chart below outlines the route colleagues might choose to take on the journey to director level.


In order to achieve this aim, Breaking Through works closely with programmes such as Gateway to Leadership and Graduate Training Scheme colleagues, these programmes are well established and highly regarded in the NHS.

Individuals will be able to decide whether the programme is suitable for them and attempt the on line assessment, alternatively (and perhaps preferably) senior managers will spot their potential and suggest they take the on line test. The online test will consist of a verbal and numerical test as well as a new test entitled siftability. These tests will be a straight forward pass or fail test and those passing will be invited to a development centre. In order for people to be ready for the on line testing and the development centre.

In order for people to be ready for the online testing and the development centre, master classes will be offered to managers and clinicians at AfC band 8 and above or equivalent.

In addition to preparing individuals for the development centre, the master classes will bring people up to date with the latest thinking in the health service.

Participants that are unsuccessful at the development centre stage will be offered a session for feedback on their development centre performance. They will be able to reapply for the process (if they wish) the following year.

The recruitment process will consist of a LQF competency based interview and a development centre, where you will complete the following exercises:

  1. A written exercise
  2. A pairs exercise
  3. A group exercise
  4. A conflict exercise
Individuals that are successful will be invited to take part in the new top talent programme.

The top talent programme will help equip participants with the skills they need to perform at board level. The programme will similar in style to other senior manager programmes run by the Kings Fund. In addition participants will receive coaching, be involved in action learning sets and have a mentor. The educational component of the programme will last throughout the 18 months of the placement.

Following the programme participants will be interviewed by CEOs that have agreed to provide placements for them and go on to the identified placement for a 18 months. Breaking Through will part fund the placements to the tune of £60k.

During the last 6 months of the placement the trust and BT will help support the individual to find a substantive post.

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