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ThinkGlucose – Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get my ThinkGlucose toolkit?

Every NHS Acute Trust in England will receive a free ThinkGlucose campaign pack, consisting of five toolkits and a resource box.  However, we require each trust to nominate a ThinkGlucose lead (who will receive and distribute the materials within the trust, and manage the campaign) before the pack can be dispatched.  Registration details (title, forename, surname, position, full postal address, phone number and email) should be sent to*. Packs will be dispatched from mid-May, 2009.

Has a ThinkGlucose lead already been registered for my trust?

A list of the trusts that have registered can be found by clicking here .  If your trust is not listed as registered, we suggest you ask around to see if this has been discussed internally and agree between you who should register.  For privacy / data protection reasons we have not included the name of the ThinkGlucose lead.  If your trust is listed as registered but you don’t know who the lead is, please ask around.  If you do get stuck, please email* to ask who they are.

Can we register more than one ThinkGlucose lead?

No.  We request that each trust register only one ThinkGlucose lead with the NHS Institute.  However, there is nothing to stop you sharing the role, and having more than one ‘lead’ within your trust.

How can we get more toolkits?

The initial quantity dispatched is one campaign pack (consisting of 5 toolkits and a resource box).  Your ThinkGlucose lead may request one additional campaign pack (free of charge) though the website.  Ten toolkits should be sufficient for even the largest trust to get their campaign up and running, since further quantities (particularly of consumables) may be printed out locally using the Resource CD contained in the toolkit. 

What is a ThinkGlucose Campaign?

A ThinkGlucose Campaign is a structured programme of activities to launch and implement a major change programme within a trust, to improve the clinical pathway for the management of in-patients with diabetes as a secondary diagnosis.  The campaign will involve a number of people in the trust (see below), supported by the materials contained in the ThinkGlucose Campaign Pack(s) supplied by the NHS Institute.

Who should be involved in our ThinkGlucose campaign?

As a major change programme, ThinkGlucose cannot be undertaken single-handedly.  We recommend the involvement of a multi-disciplinary team, including:  a trust Executive (to champion the cause and to facilitate change across the trust), Diabetes Specialist Nurses, Ward Staff, a Consultant, a Dietitian, a Pharmacist, a Clinical Coder and a Clinical Auditor.  One person from this team should be nominated as the ThinkGlucose lead, who you select is up to you.

What support does the NHS Institute provide?

The entire programme of developing, testing, manufacturing and supply of the toolkits has been funded by NHS England and we believe that the toolkits, supported by the launch events, contain all the information required to run a successful ThinkGlucose campaign.  However, we have not been funded to provide ongoing support to trusts in the implementation of their campaign.  At the NHS Institute we recognise the value of a structured programme of training, help and support in simplifying the implementation process, easing the learning curve and enabling the benefits to be realised more easily and quickly.  We are developing a Support Programme that will be available from September 2009.  Some details can be found here, more information will be available nearer the time.

What should I do if the clinical advice provided doesn’t match our local guidelines?

We have restricted the clinical advice to generic examples such as how insulin works (flashcards) or when to refer to the diabetes team (assessment tool). However the templates are available in the toolkit in an electronic form and we would encourage you to adapt them to whatever advice best suits your particular clinical environment.

What can we do when we run out of printed resources?

Pdf files of all the ThinkGlucose consumables are included in the resource CD in the Promotional Guide.  This may be used to develop local versions of the resources for printing out.  However, we recognise that his is not easy (particularly for non-paper elements such as mugs and magnets).  All ThinkGlucose leads can order an additional campaign pack free of charge, and we would hope this will satisfy even the most enthusiastic trust in the short term.  We will be putting all ThinkGlucose items onto the NHS Institute catalogue for purchase in the next few months, to assist with trust-wide adoption.  

I am not from an NHS Acute Trust in England, am I still eligible? 

The current programme is focused on NHS Acute Trusts in England.  It is anticipated that Think Glucose will be available outside England, as well as to PCTs and Mental Health trusts, in due course – although no timescales can be given at present.

Any other Questions?

If you can’t find the answer to your question in the above, or elsewhere on our website, please email the ThinkGlucose team at*.  We will do our best to help, but please note that we do not have the resources to answer detailed questions on how to implement your campaign.

* Please note that the NHS Institute is an innovation and improvement organisation and is unable to give medical advice to patients or their carers


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