Organisational Health: a new perspective on performance improvement?

A new report from the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement

This report which the NHS Institute has commissioned Matrix Insight to produce on its behalf features a foreword from Helen Bevan and is available to download now.

The coming economic era will require us to think about cost and quality in ways that we have never considered before. To achieve the breakthroughs we seek, we need to focus NHS change efforts not just on new strategies and working practices but on fundamentally different ways of thinking.

Across the globe, leading edge companies are adopting a dual focus on organisational performance and organisational health. Organisational health is about having the properties and qualities today that create the conditions for high performance tomorrow. Healthy organisations typically have a culture which promotes trust, openness and engagement and enables continuous learning and improvement.

Making our organisations ‘healthy’ is one of the most effective ways of creating organisational resilience in the current economic climate. We currently focus strongly on managing performance because it is very measurable. Part of the challenge for the future, is to make organisational and system health as much part of the way we think and work as the current ‘performance perspective’.

Organisational Health: a new perspective on performance improvement provides:
  • An accessible introduction to concepts of organisational health
  • Details of case studies of organisational health
  • A summary of implications for the NHS
Click here to download a PDF of Organisational Health