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Access to free management tools for UK healthcare professionals

The Improvement Network website provides a suite of free Improvement Tools designed to improve staff management skills, and are accessible by health practitioners. The tools cover a range of 16 topics including communication, change management and partnership working. The sponsors of the Improvement Network, which include the NHS Institute, help provide free access to this content. There are currently over 9,000 managers already subscribed, including over 1,000 from the healthcare community. Start improving your management skills, and potential, by simply registering to the site from the following link: www.improvementnetwork.gov.uk/register

Update on CQUIN

CQUIN schemes from PCTs across the country have been added to our CQUIN pages.  To find local schemes click here.

Inter-PCT Sharing and Learning

We are now supporting learning and sharing based on the results of the assurance process using the "river diagram" developed by Chris Collison and Geoff Parcell.  This  paper (paper68.51 KB) sets out how the river diagram works.  To register for the river diagram tool, contact Rachel Hinde or pctportal@institute.nhs.uk.

New world class commissioning website

The Department of Health has established a new website containing:

  • the latest WCC news
  • the most relevant WCC events and masterclasses
  • the best guidance, tools and case studies
  • a discussion forum to share ideas and concerns

To access this developing resource click here

Information prescriptions - are you up to speed?

Information Prescriptions allow everyone access to personalised, tailored information they need to manage their health and care. They point people to sources of information  – for example information about conditions and treatments, care services, benefits, and support groups. They include addresses, telephone numbers and website addresses that people may find helpful and where they can go to find out more. The Information Prescription will be given to people and their carers by health and social care professionals (for example GPs, social workers and district nurses) and are also available nationally at www.nhs.uk/informationprescriptions.  If you are implementing information prescriptions with your providers you can find more information here.

PCT Portal contents If you are looking for support in becoming world class visit our directory of suppliers.

The Commissioning and Procurement Guidance page contians links to gudiance from the DH and others on key topics.

Trying to develop your CQUIN scheme?  Our pages contain links to the framework, FAQs and local schemes.

Now added: a list of resources and links for commissioners.

The PCT Portal will continue to be developed to ensure that it is meeting the needs of commissioners. If you would like to contribute to ongoing enhancements, please email pctportal@institute.nhs.uk