River Diagrams FAQ

If you have a question and can't find the answer here please use the contact us form or email PCT Portal.

Q: Why is there a flat bottom line to the graph?

A: This means a PCT somewhere scored 1 for that competency and/or measure. It does not mean that any PCT scored 1s for all competencies.

Q: Why does the top line of the river bank change if I choose ONS cluster rather than SHA?

A: You are choosing a different set of comparators. In your ONS cluster there may be a PCT that has scored higher than any of the PCTs in your SHA area for a particular competency.

Q:What is my ONS cluster?

A: ONS clusters are set by the Office of National Statistics and group together PCTs with similar demographics. 

Q: The results for my PCT don't look right. How can I get them changed?

A: Please email PCT Portal with the details of the changes required and a copy of your panel report.

Q: Is there a quick way to get my team registered for the site without each of us completing a registration form?

A: There is, but you need to be able to send a list of users with all the details from the registration form to PCT Portal. Alternatively, SHA users can be set up as administrators for their own users. Contact us to request this set up.

Q: Can non NHS people access the site?

A: Yes, if nominated by a PCT or SHA. Contact PCT Portal to include these users.  All users must be registerd users of the NHS Institute web site.  To register, click on "Create a Porfile" above.

Q: I have clicked on a contact and nothing happens?

A: if you click on a contact within the supporting information, your own email will open and you can type a message to the contact.  It can take some seconds for your email to open, so please wait until this is completed.