Supplement not subsitute

Technology should always be considered as a supplement to real life relationships and face to face interactions and not a substitute. Communication technologies can enhance service experience in terms of efficiency and satisfaction, but only if such interactions receive a satisfactory response where required. A usable interface must exist, and information must continue to move in both directions across that interface, enhanced and enabled by technology.

RecommendationWe recommend that the principle of considering technology as supplement to not substitution of quality real life interactions should be at the heart of new technology based engagement across the NHS.

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Not sure about this
written by Dave , May 30, 2008
I think there is an ideal which says that technology should not replace real life interactions but this is not always possible. There are electronic support communities where people rarely meet face to face and yet provide valuable information, resources and support to each other.

If you include phones, letters and emails within the group of technology, it would seem odd to say that these can only be used to supplement face-to-face meetings.
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