How the scenario generator can help

Scenario generator is being put to a variety of different uses, including:

  • anticipating the effect of population growth on health and social care services
  • testing the assumptions in five year strategic plans
  • exploring the effect of shifting care closer to home
  • assessing the feasibility of new models of care (such as new urgent care provision, diversionary pathways and community-based services)
  • developing new patient pathways (such as stroke, falls, maternity)
  • designing new services (such as polyclinics)
  • informing capacity plans
  • workforce planning

Each local health community in the NHS has different population and health needs, and has different patterns of service delivery. Scenario generator has therefore been designed to be highly configurable. It comes pre-loaded with local population data and with generic demographic, prevalence and pathway models so that it can be used ‘out-of-the box’. However, it can be tailored by the user to local circumstances without the need for programming. The software contains a visual pathway modelling tool that is straightforward to use, with the option to develop your own pathways or to import from a library of predefined ones.