Our vision

The NHS Institute’s vision for ‘Delivering through Improvement’ was to work in partnership with NHS leaders to identify and test new approaches, models and frameworks for transformational change.  We believed that transformational change across an entire NHS organisation is possible.  

We visited NHS chief executives across the country to learn about their experiences of leading transformational change, their achievements and their challenges. We heard about the fantastic improvement work taking place, but these leaders also told us about the difficulties encountered in spreading these improvements across their entire organisation.  They wanted to create a ‘movement for improvement’ throughout their entire organisation and speed up the pace of change.

If we really wanted to take improvement to the next level and create a ‘movement for improvement’ across entire organisational systems, we needed to:

  • Capture and share the best improvement practice that was already taking place within the NHS
  • Build on and improve existing models, frameworks and approaches to improvement and transformational change
  • Identify and test new ones that offer the greatest promise for radical improvement and achieving or exceeding organisational objectives.
We began working with the first group of chief executives in October 2006.  The programme was aimed at chief executives of NHS provider organisations who were ambitious in their aims for their organisation, patients and staff.  It was not about partial or incremental change.  It was about building and strengthening transformational leadership skills and developing a vision, strategy and implementation plan that lead to exceptional results.