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Welcome to the Opportunity Locator

The Opportunity Locator is a data tool to support the commissioning priorities of local health communities. This data tool has been designed to give you and your community relevant and useful data in an easily accessible format to support the 'care closer to home' agenda.

The purpose of the Opportunity Locator tool is to stimulate ideas on where commissioners should focus their attention in re-designing and shifting services away from the traditional setting of the hospital and out towards community based care.

The tool is for you to explore the potential and opportunities for shifting services. The tool should prompt you to start thinking of "how" and "why" your organisation might differ from others and to support commissioning priorities for health communities

This tool is not designed for directly comparing PCT performance. The shift potential is indicative only and local health communities should interpret it taking into account local knowledge. One example of this is where community services are supplied by the local acute trust as this data will still be incorporated into the shift potential.

The data sets are shown for 2006/07, 2007/08 and 2008/09. The tool will be updated quarterly with further quarterly data as the information becomes available.

You are able to view data from all PCTs without a password, other than the detailed data tables for QOF predicted admissions. You will also need a password to add or edit GP clusters for your PCT.

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