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Community Health Services - *new specifications added*

These draft service specifications for community health services were prepared by the East of England PCT Network to assist PCTs as they begin to contest provider services.  They are “open” specifications, which encourage bidders to come up with innovative delivery solutions.  Further specifications are in the process of being developed and will be posted in due course.  For more information, contact Owen Richards, Network Director, on 01268 705219 or owen.richards@swessex.nhs.uk

Pathway Based Commissioning

South Central PCT Alliance World Class Commissioning Collaborative has developed an interactive guide on how to deliver a pathway based commissioning cycle.  Based on extensive work on stroke pathways, the guide provides:

  • guidance on developing patient pathways
  • details of how to define, collate and prioritise performance metrics, and
  • a decision architecture on who needs to come together, how often and what information they need.

To access the guide click  here (here1.62 MB).  If you have comments or queries please contact Alison Foster, Strategic Programme Lead, by email or phone 07827879629.

NHS Yorkshire and the Humber - approach to becoming world class

Working to be world class has been produced by NHS Yorkshire and the Humber as a resource for PCT directors and their teams on supplementary development support in achieving world class commissioning status. Its purpose is to set out support for PCTs available at regional level. This builds on the discussions we have had as a community about the early development support required by PCTs. The document is available  here (here508.27 KB) or on this link.

NHS Eastern & Coastal Kent - approach to becoming world class

This PCT's determination is to become fully focused on improving health outcomes and reducing health inequalities and also to develop the highest standards for clinical quality through commissioning.  They have develped an approach designed to achieve the following:

  • design of a commissioning cycle and realignment of commissioning activities by condition, service and population
  • clarity and agreement of commissioning roles and responsibilities including the strengthening of practice based commissioning
  • development of an organisational development programme addressing skills, capabilities and individual development requirements
  • development of stronger simpler commissioning governance arrangements
  • definition of an integrated and improved performance management system.

This is a practical guide to assist all in their commissioning activities.  It is underpinned by their commitment to improve the patient experience and health outcomes, and to tackle health inequalities for our local population, through intelligent commissioning.  Ann Sutton, Chief Executive, is very keen that this is shared widely across the NHS and with partners.  View the guide here (here 660.69 KB).

NHS South Central's Clinical Networks

NHS South Central has set up a web site for their clinical networks, providing key documents, information, events for clinicians, patients and the public.  The website can be found here.

Do you have anything you want to share?

This new page is for PCTs to share documents and approaches that they have developed which they think may help others.  If you have anything you want to share please contact Rachel Hinde by email or phone 07500  814 542 or email pctportal@institute.nhs.uk.