Prioritise commissioning opportunities

The NHS Institute’s Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities provides a simple but robust planning process to help PCTs make decisions quickly and effectively. It is supported by two powerful online tools.

  • Opportunity locator provides an insight into those areas with the greatest potential for services to be shifted into the community.
  • The priority selector allows a wide range of views to be quickly collated to identify the key change projects and secure ownership of their delivery.

Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities (Prioritise Commissioning Opportunities193.63 KB) is supported by comprehensive guidance and a range of practical tools. The user guide can be accessed through the catalogue. Related documents are now available on the same page in the catalogue.

key.jpgLink to the opportunity locator tool

Download the opportunity locator user guide Download the opportunity locator user guide


Priority selector

Priority Selector is an online tool allowing individuals from the healthcare professions, managers, patients, public and local government to take part in deciding priorities for their local health community. Using local criteria and questions, the tool assembles a group view enabling consensus working to shape local plans.

key.jpgLink to the priority selector tool

Priority selector guide Download the priority selector user guide 


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