A useful place to start

This site is here to help you find out about the new technologies available to engage patients, carers, staff and public for service improvement. It is called armchair involvement because new technology enables public service providers to enable participation from the participants’ own ‘armchair’, or anywhere else they find convenient to participate from.

It features:
-    Case studies of what other people have been doing
-    A guide to some of the tools you might want to use
-    Recommendations from the armchair involvement research

New technologies have the ability to transform health services and to engage public, patients, staff and carers in new and more effective ways for service improvement. That’s what the Armchair Involvement project is about.

The world is changing, people can now engage with each other through a wide variety of technologies. Information travels faster and is more abundant than ever, and people are becoming more connected through new technology. People’s expectations of public services are increasing. The health service is changing, it is clear that in the next 10 to 15 years the health service will face challenges that further stretch resources, such as the rise in chronic lifestyle-related conditions and the effects of an ageing society.



Armchair Involvement Guide 2009