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Update – Academy for Large Scale Change - May 2009

The latest event in the Academy for Large Scale Change programme was held at the Kassam Stadium in Oxford from 11th to 14th May.  

This event marked the mid point in the programme, the title of the event was Taking Stock - Early Wins, our SHA and DH colleagues are now really starting to make strong connections with each other and share across teams, we were also able to show case some real experts and have an “in house” debate on cost and quality.

Deborah, Jayne and Paul.JPG
Deborah Richards, Rail Industry expert on Station Transformation; Jayne Wilde Academy Coach; Paul Plsek, Academy Director

On the Wednesday, David Nicholson and the NHS Management Board joined the delegates to hear Professor John Kotter present to the group on ‘Creating a sense of Urgency for Change’ this was by video link to the US; despite the technical challenges the delegates were able to hear from one of the greatest writers on leadership and have some interaction with him.

The Academy is now an important support mechanism for the implementation of the Management Board’s work on Quality, Innovation and Productivity (QuIP).

The initial feedback from the event showed excellent results.  100% of participants told us that others were becoming engaged with their large scale change efforts and that they were able to draw on the tools they are learning within the Academy to achieve their large scale change goals.  Well over 80% have begun tangible action beyond the planning stage and have shared the learning from the Academy with their non-Academy colleagues.

Lynne Winstanley

ALSC team

May 2009