How to obtain scenario generator

Scenario generator is now available for purchase as a commercial product from Simul8 Corporation. For information on sales and support contact orcall their office on 0141 552 6888.

We have available a number of pre-paid licences, sufficient for each SHA and PCT in England to have one copy of the tool at no cost. To find out if you are eligible for a free copy of the software, contact A list of organisations that have already claimed their licence can be found here.

Special offer

We have purchased and allocated one licence for Scenario Generator for each PCT and SHA in England. Over 120 organisations have already claimed their licence but a small number remain unclaimed. These pre-paid licences must be claimed by the end of June 2009.

Our special offer of free training and support to early adopters (who claimed their licence before 1st April 2009) is now closed. However, training and support can be purchased directly from SIMUL8 Corporation. See or contact the company (see above).