Adult mental health admissions/psychiatric intensive care

Since the beginning of the year the mental health team has been visiting the participating trusts that have signed up to the Rapid Improvement Programme.  All the trusts have received an introductory visit which is being followed up with a scoping observation visit to understand the local context and help the trust and the NHS Institute team agree a service improvement project.


By the end of July all the scoping visits will have been completed and the team is currently organising feedback visits to all the units.  At these visits each trust will get a report and the presentation about the scoping visit.  From visiting the various trusts it has become apparent that there are common theses emerging.


In June two new members of staff joined the mental health team as clinical pathway facilitators who have now been assigned as lead clinical pathway faciltators to provide support and expertise as required for each trust.  They will also assist them with identifying a service improvement plan and agreeing clear timescales for each objective.



Participating Trusts


East of England SHA


·        Hertfordshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust -

     Lead Facilitator - Rachel Douglas-Clark


·         North Essex Partnership Foundation Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Gwen O'Brien


East Midlands SHA


·         Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Sarah Gill


London SHA


·         Camden & Islington NHS Foundation Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Gwen O'Brien


Northwest SHA


·         Lancashire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Gwen O'Brien


·         Manchester Mental Health and Social Care Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Gwen O'Brien


South Central SHA


·         Portsmouth City Teaching PCT

      Lead Facilitator - Rachel Douglas-Clark


·         Hampshire Partnership NHS Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Rachel Douglas-Clark


Southwest SHA


·         Dorset Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Rachel Douglas-Clark


West Midlands SHA


·         Coventry & Warwickshire Partnership Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Rachel Douglas-Clark


·         North Staffordshire Combined Healthcare NHS Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Sarah Gill


·         Worcestershire Mental Health Partnership Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Sarah Gill


Yorkshire & Humberside SHA


·         Barnsley PCT

      Lead Facilitator - Sarah Gill


·         North Yorkshire & York PCT

      Lead Facilitator - Gwen O'Brien


·         Rotherham, Doncaster & South Humber Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust

      Lead Facilitator - Sarah Gill





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The team is intending to hold one SHA wide sharing event in each of the participating SHA's later this year (dates to be confirmed), once there are some results to share from the participating Trust projects.

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For further information regarding this programme please contact Jeri Hawkins at *


* Please note that the NHS Institute is an innovation and improvement organisation and is unable to give medical advice to patients or their carers