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Events, conferences and seminars

Our regional seminars provide NHS England staff with training and development opportunities of a high standard of excellence and professionalism. They strengthen the capability of frontline NHS staff to innovate and support the radical re-thinking of services.

The following topics are included, please click on the highlighted event titles to find out where and when the next event is being held.

  • Writing for Success and Speaking for Success - developing skills to enable you to encourage adoption and diffusion of innovative ideas.
  • Evaluating for Success - developing the skills to test new ideas
  • Finance for Non-financial Managers - enabling you to optimise the use of resources within your improvement projects
  • Aspire to Inspire - providing the encouragement and motivation to proceed with your ideas.

The seminars also provide the opportunity for members to network with our frontline innovators and share learning, knowledge and experience.

In addition, NHS Live hosts or in involved with national and regional events designed to explore and simulate innovation healthcare. These bring together innovators from within and outside the NHS and provide access to the latest tools and techniques as well as networking and collaboration opportunities

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