2007 trainee 'blogs'

Keep up to date with 2007 trainees on the Scheme

A number of trainees who started last September 2007 have offered to share their experiences of the Scheme over the coming months.   This will cover an interesting period for the trainees  - they will be regularly updating their entries, so follow their progress by clicking on each trainee’s image or name below.

Nayan2.jpgNayan Rughani,  2007 Financial Management trainee,  East of England region (upated 11 June 09)



sarawainlr.jpgSara Wain, 2007 HR Management trainee, South East region (updated May 20th 09)

michellebathlr.jpgMichelle Bath, 2007 General Management trainee, East of England region


Would you like to contribute to these pages, sharing your journey as a trainee, 2007 OR 2008? Email the Graduate Scheme team.