Project delivery for commissioners

The NHS Institute has worked with five health communities on 14 projects to develop a simple project management approach specific to pathway re-design.

The result is  Project Delivery for Commissioners (Project Delivery for Commissioners149.98 KB), a guide which covers the whole project management process from creation of the project team right through to implementing the new pathway as business as usual.

Since its original launch (as Steps to Success) the guide has been used to support a range of project managers. The revised version of the guide incorporates the learning from this experience and provides a closer link between the commissioning and project management processes.

Our guide is particularly helpful for PCTs seeking to develop their approach to competency 8 (promote innovation and improvement) in the world class commissioning assurance process. It also supports the design services element of the commissioning cycle.

Follow this link to the catalogue to download Project Delivery for Commissioners. Supporting documents will soon be available from the same page in the catalogue.


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