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ThinkGlucose is a major new programme from the NHS Institute, designed to improve the management of people with diabetes when they are admitted to hospital.

The number of people with diabetes is steadily increasing, but the provision of consistent, effective and proactive inpatient care for people with diabetes is still inadequate. ThinkGlucose has been developed to provide a package of tried and tested products, learning and support to improve awareness and remove the obstacles to the treatment of patients with diabetes as a secondary diagnosis.


The ThinkGlucose toolkit will enable the Implementation of a clinical pathway to improve the patient experience and the quality of their care, thereby reducing the length of stay and releasing more time to treat the increasing numbers of people with diabetes.

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You can find out more by reading our newsletter: ThinkGlucose Newsletter 2 - Summer 2009

You can also read our first newsletter dated October 2008: ThinkGlucose newsletter October 2008 (pdf, 4.66 MB)

For information on the ThinkGlucose support programme: ThinkGlucose Support Programme Information ThinkGlucose Support Programme Information (764.35 KB)

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Back row, left to right: Jonathan Thow - Clinical Lead (Consultant); Richard Arnold - Support Programme Development; James Lapworth - Administration & Support; Jim Kennedy - Clinical Lead (GP): Tony Brown - Business Manager

 Front Row, Left to right: Sandra Corry - Programme Lead; Erika Ottley - Co-production Manager; Shelly Corbett - Knowledge Manager

Other members of the team (past and present) include: Hannah Dobrowalska, Catherine Davies, Katherine Fayers, Kate Hall, Chilufya Dawo, Dr Gerry Rayman, Janet Grant, Barbara Allen, Philip Allen, Kail Gunaratnam, Philip Maufe, George Gonnelly, Leonard Lead, Barbara Elster, Bob Mobberly


* Please note that the NHS Institute is an innovation and improvement organsation and is unable to give medical advice to patients or their carers. For more information about diabetes please click here


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