User generated online content

Blogs, wikis, online forums and patient opinion sharing sites- these are all ways of people getting their own voices directly heard either by their peers or by experts. The content itself is varied, and can feature video, text, audio, still images, but the origin is always with the user. User generated content is now part of the landscape of the Internet, and the NHS should be aware of its emergence and the opportunities that such a movement may bring.

However, this trend does seem to have been embraced by younger more affluent audience in general and so should not be considered a catch all solution to encouraging active online participation. Participants from excluded groups should be actively encouraged to join in any official endeavours. User generated content has been growing in popularity for some time and this trend look set to continue.

NB. The term Web 2.0 is often used to refer to user generated content or participative media such as blogging (user-created web journals) - the definition of Web 2.0 continues to be disputed and actually takes in a far wider remit than simply user generated content.

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