Campaign and support programme

ThinkGlucose will be delivered to hospital trusts in the form of ThinkGlucose campaign packs, launch events and a support pogramme.

The development and production of ThinkGlucose was funded by NHS England and, as a result, the campaign packs are provided free of charge to all NHS acute trusts in England.  However, they are not available to anyone other than NHS acute trusts in England at this time.

The ThinkGlucose campaign delivery programme:

  • April 2009: letter to trust executives and senior managers with postcard packs to raise awareness of ThinkGlucose.
  • May 2009: One ThinkGlucose campaign pack sent to nominated representatives at all NHS acute trusts in England.
  • May – June 2009: launch events held in locations around England (see the events pages for further details).
  • June 2009 onwards: One additional ThinkGlucose campaign pack may be ordered, free of charge, per trust.

A ThinkGlucose campaign pack consists of five ThinkGlucose toolkits and one resource box and contains everything that is required to enable a trust to set up and run a successful ThinkGlucose campaign.  However, apart from a short session at the launch events, the pack does not provide any training or ongoing support. This is available as an option through the ThinkGlucose support programme.

The ThinkGlucose support programme

Implementing a major change programme which leads to clinical pathway improvement can be quite a daunting task. People will start enthusiastically but often find the learning curve very step and the day job getting in the way of trying to make change happen. The end result is predictable, most people will give up trying and revert to the old ways of doing things.

The objective of the support programme is to provide trusts with a coordinated programme of help and support in the implementation of a ThinkGlucose Campaign, which will simplify the process, ease the learning curve and deliver the benefits more quickly (and reliably).

Delivery to NHS acute trusts in England will be in a series of bi-monthly modules, and on-site support, from September 2009 onwards.  This is an optional service that is chargeable


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