Regional programmes

The Breaking Through (BT) programme for individuals at Agenda for Change band 7 and below have been devolved to SHA level, to decide on the most appropriate way forward with regards to developing programmes for its BME staff.

BT have appointed regional coordinators to help support the integration of the programme into local leadership strategies.

Regional coordinators will:

  • Identify the BME people in an area
  • Identify the number of NHS BME staff in an area, by race and agenda for change grade
  • Carry out a training and development needs analysis
  • Work with SHA colleagues to gain insight into the SHA long term leadership strategy
  • Help integrate an appropriate programme for BT staff into the SHA leadership development framework
  • Build robust relationships with SHA leadership and workforce colleagues
  • Set up systems to encourage and  enable mentoring in an area
  • Bring various BME networks together to form a confederation of networks within an area
  • Work with SHA leads to commission the appropriate programmes for BME staff.
  • Ensure there are robust andsustainable systems that enable SHAs to effectively develop BME staff in the long term.

Local programmes will help identify individuals that are at the appropriate level and grade to apply for the top talent programme.

The BT programme has been redesigned to respond to the changes in the NHS and in the demography of the country. It is envisaged that the top talent programme will successfully develop many BME directors and local programmes within SHAs will enable BME staff to develop the skills they need to be able to progress up the career ladder and potentially supply the top talent programme with participants.


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