As quoted by David Nicholson “..this is a really important website for me, its an opportunity for me to talk to Chief Executives, for Chief Executives to  talk to each other in a protected way.. we can share ideas.. to make a really great health service for the future.."

Welcome to the new online resource for the NHS Chief Executive community. Working together, the Department of Health (DH) and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement have developed this site to provide a secure resource portal for dissemination of information and knowledge sharing in order to promote best practices across the NHS. This site is unique in that it is specifically dedicated to be used as a communication channel between the chief executive community of the NHS, the DH and the NHS Institute.

The benefit of this portal is that elements of the content will be available exclusively on this site and will include a document library, specific publications, podcasts and fora. Please bookmark this page. You will be informed by email when significant new material is posted on the site.

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