How scenario generator works

Scenario generator is built on top of the Simul8 professional simulation environment. It is a discrete event simulation model of a whole healthcare delivery system in which the system is represented by a set of care pathways. The healthcare need (represented as a number of potential healthcare events to be injected into the model) is determined from a chosen population size, its demographic profile and its disease burden (the estimated prevalence of disease).

Default data are provided for:

Pathway service points can be associated with specified constrained resources

New pathways can be added that specialise the generic pathways and these can be saved and shared between users. Scenarios can be saved, shared and compared.

Functional model



Scenario generator is novel in a number of ways:

  • it is designed to be user configurable (without programming or specialist skills) and applicable to a wide range of planning decisions
  • it is aimed at healthcare analysts, managers and clinicians, not at experts in use of modelling and simulation tools
  • it uses discrete event simulation to model a whole healthcare system
  • it incorporates a suite of configurable pathways of care (a now familiar paradigm in the NHS) to represent the deployment of healthcare services in the system