Process 3.jpgAdaptability can be very important in determining whether a new or improved process will be sustained over time.

There are three situations where this adaptability can be very important:

  • During the design stage when you want to use an idea from outside the organisation but must adapt it to fit within your organisation
  • During a period when your organisation changes (e.g. changes in people, location, structure) and the relevance of the new or improved process is being questioned
  • Over time as the new process itself becomes a candidate for further improvement.

What is it all about?

Ensuring that the change can continue in the face of ongoing changes in staff, leadership, organisation structures, etc.

Why is it important?

Ensuring that your improvement is flexible to the surrounding systems will help make it sustainable and become a platform for continuous improvement.

How do we get it?

  • Be aware of potential organisational or staff changes.
  • Look for the opportunities these could bring and be prepared to change your original improvement plans.
Sustainability guide