No Delays - learning and sharing videos

The following video-recorded interviews with Nigel Edwards (NHS Confederation), Phillippa Robinson (Department of Health) and Helen Bevan (NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement), give advice on what to focus on when making improvements to reduce patient waits.

pdf Play the "Policy Context" Movie
(Nigel Edwards)

pdf Play the "Transforming the 18 Week Pathway" Movie
(Phillippa Robinson)

pdf Play the "Mobilising and Energising the Workforce" Movie
(Helen Bevan)

These video-recorded interviews contain valuable learning points from real experiences of reducing delays in the acute sector.
PDF summaries are also available below

pdf Play the "Using No Delays Achiever" Movie

pdf Play the "Measuring the 18 Week Pathway" Movie

pdf Play the "Lean Approach" Movie

pdf Play the "Root Cause Analysis" Movie

pdf Play the "Audiology" Movie

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