Living our local values

Introduction to the NHS values development resource project

NHS Annual Report 06/07 ‘The NHS … is the sum total of the people who work in it and the day-to-day interactions they have with patients and colleagues. … The way to achieve transformation is through the mobilisation of our staff to drive change. For this to happen our clinical and managerial leaders need to understand what it is that we are trying to do, and how it connects with our wider value

Why are we doing this?

In 2008 the Department of Health published six NHS-wide values. The NHS-wide values were developed through a series of conversations between those who work in the NHS and those who use it about what really matters to patients, communities and staff across England. Simply having values in an organisation is not enough. To make a difference, values have to be reflected in people’s behaviour. Put simply, values have to be lived. (Watch a video on what colleagues like Christine Beasley have to say about the Value of Values)

How are we doing this?

The Values Team at the NHSI has worked in partnership with the NHS, PA Consulting and SHM to design a 'Values Development Resource' to enable any NHS Organisation to develop or refresh their own local values.  The Resource will have three main elements.

  • A best practice guide, which offers evidence for what works, drawing on inspiring examples from the NHS and from the private and public sectors
  • A simple diagnostic to assess the extent to which they are living their values, and understand what is needed to support this.
  • Tools and resources to support organisations to live their values, and help them measure the impact.

The Values Development Resource will be launched in November 2009 and available to all NHS organisations.

What are our guiding principles?

Co-designed - working collaboratively with NHS organisations to develop tools that people can use and want to use.

Evidence-based - combining existing insight into what matters to staff, patients and public with best practice in values development across the NHS, private and public sectors.

Developing more than just a resource - generate enthusiasm, identify passionate and committed champions, and source stories of success - the things that can drive change.

Modelling the NHS-wide values - Use the NHS-wide values to shape and guide our project and the way we work together.

"Our test sites and learning partners" 

We worked with three field test sites in the south west, Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Torbay Care Trust and Devon Partnership NHS Trust.  To make sure the Values Development Resource can be used across the whole of the NHS, we also worked in collaboration with other organisations across the NHS to test, improve and expand the developing resource.  Our learning partners will be at the forefront of change and we wil help them to realise the benefits of living their own values.

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