Project deliverables

The Enhancing Engagement in Medical Leadership Project products and research include:

  •  Medical Leadership Competency Framework (MLCF)
    The MLCF describes the leadership competences doctors need in order to become more actively involved in the planning, delivery and transformation of health services.

    The MLCF is being used in NHS organisations to inform the design of development programmes, appraisal and recruitment and it can assist with doctors with personal development planning and career progression.

    The MLCF applies to all medical students and doctors throughout their training and career. The project team are working with regulatory bodies and medical education organisations throughout the UK to integrate the competences into each stage of a doctors tarining and career.
  • Medical Engagement Scale (MES)
    Research has shown that medical engagement is one of the key factors influencing organisational performance. The MES offers NHS trusts a greater insight to the level of engagement of doctors in their organisation and ways in which this engagement might be improved.
    The MES is designed to assess medical engagement in management and leadership in NHS organisations. It has been designed to differentiate between the individual's personal desire to be engaged and the organisation's encouragement of involvement.

    After an initial pilot, 30 NHS England trusts have undertaken the MES and the resulting database now has data from over 4,000 doctors, allowing furhter analysis to take place.
  • Engaging Doctors: What can we learn from international experience and research evidence?
    A systematic and research based overview of the evolution of medical leadership and the reasons why a concerted focus on the training and support for doctors who are taking on leadership roles is needed.
  • Engaging Doctors: Can doctors influence organisational performance?
    A report that shares findings from research into a link between organisational performance and medical engagemetn. The report provides real examples of good practice in medical engagement, as well as a set of behaviours and approaches emerging from teh research that should lead to a more positive and effective way of engaging doctors in management and leadership.
  • Medical Chief Executive Study
    A study is underway to better understand the factors that influence doctors to assume Chief Executive roles and to identify what changes may be required to encourage more doctors to seek Chief Executive positions.

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