Do we run courses/programmes or could we recommend any?

This project does not provide any particular course or workshop on medical leadership, nor do we keep a list of schools/organisations that do; this changes on an almost daily basis, and similarly is not something we can approve or sanction one way or the other.  We have not worked with, nor can we recommend, any particular providers.  However, we would suggest you contact your local deanery, Trust or SHA for advice on relevant courses or workshops provided in your local area.

What is the evidence for the link between medical engagement and organisational performance?

Please see the document, Engaging Doctors: Can doctors influence organisational performance?  We will also publish a report in Autumn 2009 exploring this link with data from the Healthcare Commission and data collected from the Medical Engagement Scale that has been developed as part of the project.

Are you having trouble ordering our publications?

Please email with your request

How long has the project been running and when does it finish?

The project commenced in 2006 and will finish in March 2010.

How frequently will the MLCF be updated?

The MLCF was updated in May 2009 as a result of regulatory changes and the feedback we have received from users of the MLCF in the first 12 months. The MLCF will be reviewed in early 2010, and annually thereafter to ensure it remains current.

What is the cost of our publications/products?

There is no cost to receive any of our project publications. The Medical Engagement Scale is available at a cost of £5000 per trust, if you are interested in taking part, please email