Informed Decisions

Knee Replacement Decision Aid Project 

Doctor involving a patient in decisionsEvidence shows that involving patients in decision making improves their health outcomes and can decrease the need for invasive surgery. The NHS Institute has commissioned this project to bring together key thinkers in the field of knee surgery and decision aids to develop informed decision tools for patients and healthcare professionals.

The tools will be tested to see if patient experience and outcomes can be better if the alternative treatment options are considered.  Learning from this project is being shared so that other groups wishing to develop decision aids can benefit from the process. Visit the Informed Decision Making (IDM) website

Dr Steve Laitner, GP, East of England NHS has been working with the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement to develop a decision aid which will empower people with arthritis of the knee, and which could radically change patient choice across a wide range of services. Find out more about Dr Laitner's work.

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