Sharing knowledge

On 6 October 2008 we held a workshop all about sharing knowledge to support world class commissioning. The purpose of the workshop was to share your experience of commissioning challenges - and the solutions.

We started the day with a presentation (presentation4.92 MB) from Martin Samuels on what the NHS Institute is doing to support commissioners.

Kevin Dean (CISCO Systems) provided a challenging  update (update11.81 MB) on the world of web 2.

Chris Collison (Knowledgeable Ltd) provided some insights into how knowledge management (knowledge management5.97 MB) techniques can help.

Lynda Cox, Knowledge Management Lead NHS North East provided a view from the North East (North East124.00 KB). As part or her session we had an interesting discussion about bluetit and robin behaviour - bluetits live in communities and share knowledge and robins are highly territorial. We all identified bluetit and robin (bluetit and robin38.33 KB)behaviour in our own organisations and what could be done about it.

Finally, in groups, we identified actions (actions54.91 KB) that we can take forward from this workshop. We are reviewing these actions to come up with 3 things we can do in 3 months to support knowledge sharing. We'll provide further updates on the portal.

If you have any comments, questions, suggestions please email