Talent studio

Talent Studio will be an essential tool to help you progress through the NHS Graduate Management Training Scheme. You will access Talent Studio to manage your personal and placement information. Your performance management information will be held and accessed through Talent Studio and will form the framework for your Performance Review process and your progression through the pay scales.

As you start on the scheme we will inform you how to log onto Talent Studio and how to access training. You will need to familiarise yourself with the package and keep your record up to date.

Listen to 2007 General Management trainee Arwel Williams talking with his Placement Manager, Marcus Warnes, about Talent Studio management and managing the competencies.

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Enhanced Talent Studio

Click here to read how Talent Studio has been enhanced and improved recently, due to your feedback.

Boost your CV with Talent Studio - hear 2007 trainees' comments

Talent Studio can be accessed here: https://www.zynaphosting.com/nhs



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Talent Studio