Research recommendations

This section provides information and inspiration to stakeholders who may be affected by or involved in the development and implementation of armchair involvement tools in the NHS.

Research project
The Armchair Involvement research project was originally commissioned in 2007, and was carried out by Involve for the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement. It looked at how people were using technologies to engage people across a variety of different sectors including healthcare, and to look at how this might develop in coming years. The core findings still hold true, and the recommendations from the original report are listed in the right hand menu.

Technology moves and develops very quickly, and the NHS stands to gain considerably from becoming an early adopter, through piloting and innovating new ways of involving patients, staff, public and carers. Learning more about what new tools have to offer alongside existing engagement mechanisms is essential to the future of a more patient and public centred health service.

We hope that the Armchair Involvement website will help to bring together some of these developments and to inspire you to undertake your own pilot projects.



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