PCT Board development framework

PCT board development framework

An effective Board is at the core of World Class Commissioning (WCC).

The Department of Health (DH) has worked closely with SHAs, PCTs, the NHS Confederation PCT Network, and the NHS Institute for Improvement and Innovation to procure a number of organisations to support PCT Boards through establishing a PCT Board Development Framework. The Framework will mean that PCTs have access to a range of rigorously assessed providers to invite to a mini competition, where assured quality can be matched with individual PCT need.


These documents describe the process the DH has gone through, what its aims were, and the process for PCTs from this point onwards.

Contact details for providers are included in the "How to” guide.

As part of the Provider assessment process, providers were asked to outline their approach to a PCT Board development scenario. The scenario used is attached below, along with Providers' responses. This should help PCTs decide which Provider has the best approach for their needs.

Provider approaches to the PCT Board Development scenario


The NHS Institute’s role is to:

  • Share thematic knowledge arising from the use of the Framework with the community of PCTs.
  • Monitor the use of the Framework including which providers are bidding and appointed at each call off.
  • Refresh the PCT Board Development Framework at the end of the four year period if required, and undertake a mid term review.
  • Share PCTs experiences of their Board Development Providers.
  • Handle all queries in relation to the PCT Board Development Framework, including media enquiries relating to the Framework (not media enquiries relating to individual PCT contracts).
  • If necessary, on behalf of the DH remove poorly performing providers from the Framework based on feedback from PCTs.
  • Ensure that OGC guidance is complied with.

By using the Framework PCTs will be agreeing to provide the NHS Institute with performance management information when requested. We intend this to be light touch and focussed.

If anything is unclear from the documentation, or you have other queries on the Framework, please contact: jeremy.crabb@institute.nhs.uk

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