Building leadership capacity

The NHS never stands still. Our health services are continually evolving and changing, and we need to bring on new people with fresh ideas and directions, new approaches to knotty problems, and the energy and enthusiasm to lead the NHS.

Our job is to create a stream of top talent for the NHS. We do this with three outstanding management and leadership development programmes:

  • Graduate Management Training Scheme
  • Breaking Through
  • Gateway to Leadership

We call on all managers working in the NHS to:

  • spot talented individuals out there for all our programmes
  • actively help us recruit the best people to join our programmes
  • host our graduate management trainees
  • recruit Gateway to Leadership participants into your organisation
  • recruit a Breaking Through participant into your organisation

Becoming a Building Leadership Capacity supporter is a chance to develop, to network and find new talent, and to practise some of the best recruitment methods in the country!