International relations

International leadership programmes provide individuals and groups with an excellent opportunity to learn about structures, systems and reform approaches in other health systems. The NHS Institute runs several international leadership development programmes for top level leaders including clinicians in the NHS. The NHS Institute also facilitates opportunities for leaders in the UK and other health systems to come together for mutual learning.

International leadership programmes have a number of positive aspects, including the opportunity for groups and individuals to:
  • Share perspectives with peers from other international health systems
  • Learn about contrasting challenges and approaches to service improvement and health reforms
  • Learn what types of approach have proved most successful for common types of issues in different settings and learn from others' mistakes
  • Learn more about their own health system from an international perspective
  • See and experience another health system in practice and speak to people on the frontline
  • Share the experience with colleagues or peers from their own organisation or health economy and network with others
  • Use learning to help inform debates and negotiations, influence priorities and practice and implement change in their organisation or health economy.

For further information on international leadership initiatives please contact John Clark, Director of Medical Leadership and International Relations -