Field team

The NHS Institute’s field team has been in operation for just over 12 months. Comprising senior managers from the NHS who have held executive positions, the team are able to relate the organisational issues being discussed with the systemic approach to innovation and improvement offered by the NHS Institute.

From May 2008 each SHA geographical area has a field team member, whose role is to:

  • Increase connectivity between the NHS and the NHS Institute for Innovation and Improvement through the promotion of our publications, training and development opportunities and by providing a clear understanding of how the NHS Institute’s work can support the organisational issues being faced by the NHS.
  • Provide vital intelligence to the NHS Institute’s senior team on how the NHS views our work and any potential gaps in our product range, and to monitor product usage and its impact on patient care.

The field team will be concentrating their efforts in 2008/2009 on ensuring that organisations are aware of the work of the NHS Institute and that we improve our understanding of needs of the NHS. Please ensure your field team member  visits your organisation and talks through all of the NHS Institute’s planned work for the next 12 months.

Click here to view the biographies and photographs of team members. 

Click here (here170.39 KB) to view a recent presentation about the work of the field team. 

Field team member (click on link to send an email)
London Paul Unsworth
South Central  Mary Ann Munford
South East Coast  Mary Ann Munford
South West  Mark Outhwaite
East Midlands  Alan Snuggs
West Midlands  Alan Snuggs
Yorkshire and the Humber  Lynne Winstanley
East of England  David Law
North West  Eileen Martin
North East
 Steve Griffin
Head of the field team
 Lynne Winstanley

The field team can be contacted using the email links above, or via the head of the field team Lynne Winstanley.

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