The Productive Operating House
The toolkit is a reference manual for all the tools referred to in The Productive Operating Theatre modules.

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Web resources

No. 3 Audit planning (available soon)

No.4 Waterfall diagram Excel template No.4 Waterfall diagram Excel template (93.50 KB)

No. 5 Activity follow
Printable activity follow sheets for manual data collection for:
•    anaesthetist anaesthetist (1.11 MB)
•    surgeon surgeon (1.11 MB)
•    nurse and operating department practitioner nurse and operating department practitioner (1.29 MB)
•    theatre assistant theatre assistant (1.29 MB).

Excel data entry template and chart generator for:
•    anaesthetist (available soon)
•    surgeon surgeon (1.13 MB)
•    nurse and operating department practitioner (available soon)
•    theatre assistant theatre assistant (1.30 MB).

No. 6 Video waste walk
•    blank waste walk sheet blank waste walk sheet (58.96 KB)

No. 10 5S numbers game
•    number sheets number sheets (185.51 KB)

No. 13 Module action planner
•    module action planner sheet module action planner sheet (58.07 KB)
•    detailed module action planner detailed module action planner (1.25 MB)

No.16 Timing processes
•    timing process sheet timing process sheet (92.72 KB)