Who is it for?

The Productive Leader uses the principals of Lean Thinking and Six Sigma to enable you to reduce waste and variation in your own personnal working processes. Our work with field test sites across the NHS shows that it is possible for leaders to save around one day per week and a PA to save around 6 hours per week.

The Productive Leader focuses initially at the executive level within the organisation - executive directors and executive assistants or personal assistants. Having made commitments at this level, best practice is then spread throughout the organisation. Through a 'whole team approach', you will as leaders and PAs:

  •   participate in a series of sessions, led by a nominated facilitator in your organisation
  •   use online tools to capture current performance to help you and your team to identify areas for development
  •   be provided with self-development resources to support you throughout the programme and beyond.

"Before the programme, my PA and I were working in silos and duplicating our work." "This programme has provided a systematic way of working which has totally changed the way I work with my PA."

PAs as the secret weapon

The role of the PA in The Productive Leader is particularly critical. PAs are key to driving out waste and variation and can help save hundreds of hours of leadership time. NHS Institute research showed that PAs and their managers generally have inconsistent views about what they are responsible for, which often leads to duplication of work.
As PAs and managers you will jointly complete an objective review of your working relationship and establish a process for review. This will help create greater clarity of accountabilities and responsibilities, offer PAs the opportunity to expand the breadth of their roles and identify goals for personal development.


To support the delivery of The Productive Leader, the NHS Institute has developed a series of modules for use throughout the programme. 

Order The Productive Leader modules

As a member of an NHS executive team in NHS England, you can obtain box sets of The Productive Leader modules by placing an order with authorisation from your chief executive. Once ordered, please allow 10 days for delivery. To pre-order copies for your executive team, please go to the register now page. 
If you are not a member of an NHS executive or executive support team but work for the NHS in England, you are still able to download The Productive Leader modules for free and begin your own Productive Leader journey. To do this, please go to the product catalogue. 

If you are interested in The Productive Leader but are not part of NHS England, please contact us
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