Introduction to Board Level Development

Support for Boards and Senior Leaders
The focus of the NHS Institute’s provision for Boards and senior leaders is on leadership for improvement – inspiring senior leadership in order to transform quality of care. This offering forms part of the NHS Institute’s wider support for organisations, teams and individuals to achieve transformation through quality, innovation, productivity and prevention.

Major elements of our work include:

NHS Board Development Tool
The NHS Board Development Tool (BDT) is a facilitated diagnostic tool that provides a framework for reviewing and improving NHS Board effectiveness. Based on robust research, the BDT draws on evidence from the NHS, as well as the Public and Private Sectors, to measure the characteristics of high performing Boards. Boards are challenged to consider how they operate as a corporate entity in order to enhance Board effectiveness. There are currently two versions of the BDT, one for providers and one for commissioners. The latter was reviewed and updated in the light of World-Class Commissioning.

Executive Coaching

Executive coaching is one of the core elements of the NHS Institute’s support to Chairs, Chief Executives and Executive Directors. We know from our own research that this one-to-one focused and bespoke relationship is generally the single most effective development intervention that a senior leader in the NHS can access. Our coaches are interested in working with senior individuals in the NHS to enable them to maximise the deployment of their own skills and talents, as well as those of their teams.

Leadership Qualities Framework

The NHS Leadership Qualities Framework is an evidence based competency framework, grounded in research with 150 NHS Chief Executives and Directors of all disciplines. The Framework sets the standard for outstanding leadership qualities in the NHS and describes the key characteristics, attitudes and behaviours to which leaders in the NHS should aspire.

In View

In View is the NHS Institute’s quarterly journal for NHS senior leaders. It contains articles on leadership innovation and improvement across both the public and private sector.

In View is distributed free of charge to over 1700 people and is also available online.

Supporting World Class Commissioning Leadership Development

Through an extended executive coaching offer, a WCC version of the NHS Board Development Tool, and co-production with partners of large scale Board development interventions and other development initiatives.

Innovations in Healthcare

This nine month programme enables senior teams to explore a specific problem that their organisation or health economy is currently facing and develop a robust action plan to address this whilst drawing upon the expertise of our partner organisation, RCG, in Boston, Massachusetts.

PCT board development framework

An effective Board is at the core of World Class Commissioning (WCC).

The Department of Health (DH) has worked closely with SHAs, PCTs, the NHS Confederation PCT Network, and the NHS Institute for Improvement and Innovation to procure a number of organisations to support PCT Boards through establishing a PCT Board Development Framework. The Framework will mean that PCTs have access to a range of rigorously assessed providers to invite to a mini competition, where assured quality can be matched with individual PCT need.

In development
The NHS Institute’s Leadership team have a number of new products and services that are currently in development, which are planned to come on stream during 2009/10.

  • BDT for Foundation Trusts

We are developing a version of the BDT tailored to the needs of Foundation Trusts. It is envisioned that this revised tool will seek the views of a wider group of stakeholders, including governors, to provide a broader perspective on the Board’s effectiveness. This tool will be available later in the year.

  • BDT for Autonomous Provider Organisations

We are developing a version of the BDT tailored to the needs of the developing Boards of Autonomous Provider Organisations. As with the Foundation Trust version, it is envisioned that this revised tool will seek the views of a wider group of stakeholders to provide a broader perspective on the Board’s effectiveness. We will be piloting the tool within the service during the summer of 2009.

  • Non-Executive Director Development Programme

The NHS Institute has been working in partnership with Monitor on a development programme for Non-Executive Directors. Pilot programmes have been designed and delivered by Manchester Business School and Cass Business School with the support of the North West Leadership Academy and East of England SHA. It is anticipated that this programme will be available nationally as an open programme in the summer of 2009.

Further information

For further information please email the Leadership team at the NHS Institute or telephone 0845 862 0036